Revisiting Old Favorites/’Surfing’

You know when you get in those moods and you can’t help but reminisce via listening to old favorites?

I knew full well that the appeal that endeared me to Later Brian Wilson forays (namely ‘Orange Crate Art’ today) was hardly the strength of his heart in it, and much more so the production wizardry of who wrote and delivered that album: Mr. Van Dyke Parks. In retrospect, ‘My Hobo Heart’ is very much like if you mashed the NorCal-sounding Beach Boys ‘Holland’ with some Steely Dan.

The ‘Om’ choice for the end of ‘Sgt. Peppers’ COULD’VE worked had they had some Africans with inherent baritone register on there, but harvesting that for popular music appetite and consumption was still twenty years off.

I’m tempted to learn ‘Surf’s Up’ (so many words! Van Dyke Parks rhymes ‘Tintinnabulation and jubilation’ in a song on a track on the aforementioned, by the by). I suppose I was into comparatively weird stuff as a teen. The stuff on the billboard list of top 100 songs of 2000/2001 is barely registering in my memory/awareness.

The beginning of ‘God Only Knows’ is a FRENCH Horn. In a conversation the other day I deemed it a terrific multiple choice answer with the dummies being English Horn, Clarinet, and Oboe.

Jeoprady A: What is Timbre?

Q: The Quality of the voice yelling Timber, Dammit!

Show Follow-Up

Thanks you Republic of Pie in NoHo, L.A., and every mystery person who showed on the notice of my non-music work of marketing (paltry)!

Stingy, on a curve, I gave myself an ‘A’. I played two covers/adaptations, the rest originals, and within those only four which have ever made it onto any record/release. A few technical difficulties with the guitar cable I brought,and I sang with no mic, having become accustomed to street performance dynamics.

I’m kind of an asshole when it comes to invited criticism, and especially hard on myself when given the chance in that regard (hello, ‘songs from a van’ took a year to get it to where it was/is and it’s less than 30 minutes!), so an A grade (overall) is… well, I’m pleased with it. *I* know where I made teensy flubs/strays from a ‘perfect’ no-hitter game, but in baseball a complete game shutout is a shutout is a shutout. Nothing that gave doubt.

Not sure where/when I’ll play any scheduled show next. Stay Tuned, I suppose!

Show Tonight

It’s in North Hollywood, which is easily accessible by the Red Line and Orange Line (north and south ends, respectively) and a quick/brief walk southward there on Lankershim and then eastward (a left) on Magnolia until you reach the venue (south side of the street): Republic of Pie.

I got on from 7-8pm, including setup, however it’ll just be me with a guitar, so ‘on time’ (there is an act in the preceding hour, and a close-out performance after).

The show is FREE, however a cup of coffee and/or slice of pie (they have a food menu and other goodies, too) isn’t much to ask, they Do pay their artists in a cup of coffee/pie or meal, so support.

Again, this is TONIGHT, YOU, come! has more details of what’s up there.


If child is father to the man,
who then is the elder?
Bury the hatch!
It doesn’t work anymore!
Trouble was a bubble
that burst!