Pilot Program

So…. I’d always heard growing up that my family heritage could be traced to the Mayflower, which was the ship that brought the first Pilgrims over for permanent settling of the ‘New World’… And so on a stir to surf the web a minute, I looked up the Wikipedia entry and found out that the First Mate / Pilot of the darn thing was a fellow by the name John Clark.

Pretty crazy!

Projecting Doubt

I really didn’t like the exercise of projecting doubt externally today. While on the one hand I was able to receive the feedback that more people in L.A. were able to fathom that blind pride was a danger (it just is), I felt challenged to cast doubt aloud to innocent enough elements passing by. It, upon reflection in the now, saddens me to know that there are people out in the world who probably doubt and psyche people around them out to their own detriment so often that they’re convinced it’s the best method at securing their safety/security/resources/wants. Kind of like the knowing ‘cockblocker’ in a party context, I’m usually the inverse of what I put on today: the roving wingman. I ain’t perfect by a longshot, but let me tell you who impresses me: YOU/ThisGuy/ThisGirl, blahblahblah (I’m not so blatant).

Doubt sucks.

Calling It

I don’t think we’re gonna make it, people. Maybe some of us, but certainly No guarantee of ‘survival of the fittest’ (or whatever virtuous/worth/idiotic choice of a word you deem supplants ‘fittest’).

I mean, look at us. Seriously?

Seriously. In an increasingly interconnected world, a ‘Get what you can’ mindset IS THE PROBLEM.

One Human Race….

Ideas on Sunday of what to do Later (Soon)

I’ve got this great hobby others have/do certifiably derive pleasure from, but what to occupy my other time and satisfy my debts?

I could…

Sell/trade/give away my RV
Get a ‘job’ to pay for things (location location loLIES)
Make friends (you’re Great!)
Get a tent and bike and solar panel and do that (ooo)
Suicide (meh)
Find some volunteer opportunities somewhere (w pærks!)
Sell my LaughingMovie.com domain ($$$!)
Make a movie for said domain instead
Write a bük (don’t think I could handle that kind of rejection)
Seek/enact revenge on persons who threw me under (meh)
Get myself a room in a mission / shelter
Hitchhike /travel to somewhere Completely different
Plastics? Rubber? feh! Bring on the STDs!
Go Gay or whatever
Realize I’ve been going about this All Wrong and should just piss in a bucket and process it and sell it as a ‘digital sample’
Starve jussssst a little bit more (‘just a refill of coffee, please’)
March into as many acting related buildings and sets and proclaim I should have a part! *ME!* (“don’t you get it?!?!”)
Throw away my glasses and contacts, learn to just deal (ha!)
Doubt people, and externally, for a change