Worst Symptoms of Horrible State of ‘Journalism’

Just came across a link on a trusted News source: ‘Actress Looks a Lot Different Today’.


IMAGINE no possessions

Had my bike taken from right in front of me during a performance three nights back, and my bike trailer I used as a hand cart taken last night during a performance.

I’m blind when performing, apparently.

Will see what today holds.

11 o’clock!? F’n Christ!

Those who have tracked my ‘progress’ at life/music may already be awares that the Theory of it all is something I’ve struggled with. Aka, despite being able to craft songs and convey the spirit, I’ve been somewhat music illiterate all my life. Certainly with the guitar fretboard, ‘jamming’ with people has been either me coming up with riffs I already know, or stumbling for dependable single-line melodies over what others are doing. There’s more to it.

The ‘circle of 5ths’ is a thing that let’s you know what the ‘5’ note is in any and every key, going clockwise. In both major and minor keys, the 5th -or ‘dominant’- note is the same.

There are 12 notes. Remembering that ‘c’ is always noon, I came up with a little basic phrase to remember the order of the rest of the notes, starting one hour back, at 11. It’s blasphemous, so you’ve been warned.

F’n Christ! God Damn All Everything, Because F’n Christ! All Everything Blows!

Keep in mind that Cmajor has no sharps or flats, and when we get to F and C again, they are now the sharp (#) version of the note. You’re sharp, so you’ll remember. Why? Well, Christ was this miraculous figure, and he happens to, in the second time he comes around in this saying, land on the space where he accurately has 7 sharps, the 6 preceding notes (or hours) on the circle having one less, and when the note letters come around again, they’re different from before. And there is no such thing as F flat, really. And for our purposes, let’s say nobody past the 2nd coming of Christ is as sharp, they’re all comparatively Flat.

In other words, Starting at 11:

F C G D A E B F# C# Ab Eb Bb

Up/Down Sides

On the Upside:
-I have learned/am learning a lot of new covers,
-I am understanding DTLA more better with each passing day
-Still haven’t touched pot (a personal choice) or gotten drunk since the top of the year
-Have engaged with a few friendly people
-Art walk was great
-the birds, with whom I think I’ve developed a rapport with, gave me a French fry today.

On the Downside:
-I played my heart out the other day in hot, broad daylight and it got me $0.75
-Sink showers are more difficult than cold beach showers
-My plan to empty some of my septic tank (pee and coffee grinds, that’s it) in a clean, close-bucket manner were thwarted by leaks in the emptying hose (DAMN- cleanup was a chore)
-it gets incredibly hot in the RV at about 9:30am-night meaning I have to be out and about to practice and work
-I can’t afford a new battery I need to plug into my guitar. I think I may tip too much, and give in most every instance when a street person asks direct, which didn’t work for me today.

-subway and dominoes accept food stamps